When Indigenous suicide happens we should cry and at the same time try to stop other suicide cases from happening in future. In the last few years there have been many articles written about suicide or suicide attempted cases. At the same time the concerned families have been supported accordingly. Our most pressing issues when trying to solve suicide cases should be to find the reason as to why the suicide rate is so high among Indigenous Australians.
Over 3000 suicide cases are recorded yearly in Australia alone. More than a quarter of the total cases are from new migrants especially people with diverse background. Refugees that have endured painful times in their native homes have elevated suicide considerations. The suicide rates among Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders are alarming and are considered to be catastrophic or humanitarian crisis. According to a research carried out by Australian bureau of statistics, it suggest that 1 in every 18 deaths is suicidal in nature. Most of these cases are not publicized because of luck of enough evidence and under reporting.
These suicide cases should be made a national crisis and be well addressed. It is sad when close to 80% of the total deaths in children aged 12 years and below are suicidal. Research and the statistics of the deaths are good but do not help to stop these deaths. We should find the reason as to why these people consider death to be more peaceful. We should support them and by any chance if we are the cause we should stop discriminating them.
According to the research carried out the people who are endangered by suicide case are: Children separated from their families, Former inmates, homeless children, the chronically suffering, new migrants with different cultural practices and LGBQTI people. The improvised people commonly go through stress and depression. The jobless should be given jobs and the rest should be taken through forums that help them be able to accept themselves the way they are. Higher education is also considered to help many people compared the ones that are fully employed. It helps a person attain what they are looking for I life and finally realize inner peace is the most important.
To identify Trauma in an identified population you should identify the narratives behind their agony. From the narratives they give you, you can be able to understand how they are feeling and be able to help them. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cases are majorly out of poverty disparities. It is out of Misery and suffering that many of them undergo through depression and finally commit suicide. Once the cause is established they should be helped or the government can come in and assist so that they can build on their self esteem and live a happy life.


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