Yes, finally the much-awaited asparagus season is back. Though these bright green veggies are available almost throughout the year, it does not taste as good as it does now. Right after they are picked the sugar present in the asparagus begins turning into starch and the stalks then taste bland and not as good as the freshly picked ones do.

Now you surely understand that by the time asparagus reaches your home its taste is already altered to a big extent, and thus, if you want to enjoy the best flavors it will be ideal to pick them from some local market stalls or from your nearest farmer’s market. If this is not possible for you and you need to buy them from a store, then carefully go through the label and opt for those that had to travel the minimum. Check both the buds and the stalk, the best ones will have closed top buds and firm stalks. Now that you know how to pick the best asparagus, let us also learn a few recipes that you can enjoy making.

Simple roasted asparagus – this is one of the most popular dishes, easy to make, and tastes great. You can roast your asparagus along with some minced garlic to give it extra flavor. Alternatively, if you like the charred flavor then you may even consider grilling these green veggies.

Farro risotto with fresh asparagus and wild mushrooms – this dish is a great balance of flavors and texture that you surely will enjoy. Mushrooms have their own meatiness, farro adds nuttiness to the dish, and asparagus adds the grassy flavor, which combines to makes this dish amazingly delicious.

Asparagus lemon creamy pasta – for all you pasta lovers this one dish will steal your heart away, leaving you wanting for more. As you add lemon in this dish not only does it adds its own brightness and flavors but interestingly helps enhance the sweet taste of asparagus.

Asparagus sautéed with smoked paprika aioli, fried egg, and chorizo – whether you are looking for one interesting dish to make for lunch, dinner, or even breakfast, this one will work wonders. Asparagus, when combined with fatty and salty foods tastes great, and this is why this combination proves to be a big hit every time.

Sichuan-style tofu and asparagus salad – this Chinese-style salad also allows asparagus to prove its worth, and you are sure to enjoy every bit of it. Since asparagus will be served cold in this dish, it will be best to serve it on a hot day.

Quick Tips – If you plan to broil, sear, or grill asparagus, then opt for thicker stalks so that they can withstand the heat. However, if you just plan to eat it raw, cold, or will stir-fry them then the thin ones are just ideal.

So, the asparagus season is here, you know how to pick the right ones, and you also know how to make some of the best dishes using it, so waste no time, head to your nearest store, get these delicious veggies, prepare your favorite dish, and be ready to enjoy unlimited praises from one and all.



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