There have been many people claiming that climate scientists from the fossil fuel industry are in it for financial gain only. These speculations have deep ideological roots. They are similar to what cancer scientists are claimed to be doing. They raise concerns about what is likely to cause the disease and asks the government to give them money for research. The money commonly ends up in the pocket of a few.

Climate scientists normally raise concerns about the global warming and other issues that affect the environment. The Fossil fuel industry intervenes to give them money to make it look like they will do anything they can to help. They claim that it is not as serious as they make situations look. They claim that the scientists do this to get recognition and increase their salaries.

There have been many skeptics who are very confident terming many climate scientists are just after money and nothing serious as they claim. Nancy MacLean a Duke University history professor has published a book called Democracy in Chains in regard to the same. The book explains how wealthy conservatives especially petrochemical billionaires Charles Koch joined hands with neoliberal academics for financial gains. Maclean undermines functions of the government that makes their actions a success. The central character in Maclean centre is McGill Buchanan political theories who won a Nobel Prize in 1986 for his public choice theory.

Koch and Buchanan came up and popularized their ideas via a private organization known as Mont Pelerine society which is an influential group called neoliberal thought collective. This group was established in 1947 by an economist Friedrich Hayek. Buchanan joined the group in 1957 and became the president years after. Koch has injected millions into the group in an attempt to attack mainstream climate science. He joined the group in 1970 and the group is in more than 40 countries and about 500 members.

It has many members in the US who work in the terms that develop climate science misinformation and renewable energy. The 2013 membership list shows many Australians have joined including John Roskam the institute of public affairs boss, John Howard the former prime minister and former senator Bob Day.

Mclean suggests that people are motivated by self interest and there are many exponents of public choice school. Public choice advocates claim that people who work in the government campaign for increased departmental budgets in order to protect their job status. In Brisbane writer’s festival interview, Mclean said that some of the stuff that comes out from the people in public choice school claim that climate scientists are after financial gain.


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