A Gladstone man embraces growing drugs as a way of making financial gains after employment loss

In a move to amass monetary gains, growing drugs at his home has become the only alternative for this truck driver. The truck driver warmed up to this idea after being dismissed from his job in the recent past.

When he appeared before the Gladstone Magistrates Court, Darren Hugh Bishop seemed perfectly aware of his crimes and did not make efforts to prove his innocence. In fact, he admitted he was guilty of the three charges that were brought against him by the jury. He admitted to having grown and being in ownership of drugs that are unsafe for use. Besides, he also acknowledged he was guilty of owning drug related appliances.

The case against Bishop materialized after police searched his house. On the morning hours (9:20 am) of June, police got access Bishop’s resident in Tannum Sands. This was after getting a search warrant which gave them the authority to search Bishop’s house. These were the words of Gavin Reece, a police prosecutor.

During the search, the police discovered incriminating evidence against Darren Hugh Bishop. The police found several devices associated with drugs in his house. Two key items that were discovered included: a home-produced tube for smoking drugs as well as numerous digital scales.

This was not all. Police also unearthed a little amount of cannabis, and three immature cannabis plants. The immature cannabis plants had variations in heights ranging from 9cm, 40cm to 48cm.

Matthew Heelan, a lawyer representing the defendant, expressed that his client who also smoked cannabis on some occasions, was growing drugs in an effort to fend for himself. His sole purpose of indulging in the act was to get money to his own sustenance. The lawyer also brought to the attention of the court that his client who was in his early 50s, lost his truck driving towards the end of last year. The defendant has worked as a truck driver for slightly over a decade.

The lawyer also added that the defendant was having financial woes but is well aware that growing cannabis was against the law.

Mr Heelan requested Melanie Ho-Gladstone Magistrate- to take into account the financial situation of his client while making a judgment with respect to the amount of fine imposed.


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