Since I work with both individuals and organizations my days are not the same. I could be in my office working with an executive and helping them with their work. On the other hand I also could be coaching private clients over Skype. I also visit organizations and help them to bring coaching into the mainstream for developing leadership. Coaching and leadership with vision are effective from a long term perspective. I help leaders to marry both these styles and this helps the staff to become self reliant, shoulder responsibility and take their roles forward. Coaching with leadership in mind is not just style, but it brings about staff motivation and engagement.

I believe in co-active coaching and it focuses on developing a person. It revolves around the belief that that people by nature are creative and resourceful. My job is not to change people but make them be in the know about their strengths. I try to change mindsets which could be their undoing. We concentrate on the person as a whole instead of breaking them into silos as far as his/her work or home is concerned.

How I Got Into It

Though my background is PR but I became more of a tech person though very highly qualified as a tech. As a PR man I loved helping people to prepare for press interviews. I worked with senior person who were keen on passing the message across but did not know how to do it. I loved helping such persons. I first needed to be a counselor and this helped to have co active coaching session with a person. I felt positive after and felt clearer about everything. The two hours were enough to transform me. Following it up I went through CTI training and I felt that I was back on my natural ways.

What Were The Expectations From Job Before You Got Started And How Is it Now?

I feel that I would like it because it is right and I believe I can positively impact people in their lives. I believe it also will give me flexibility and freedom and help me work anywhere in the world. I never thought I would be running own business. I kept telling others that to be a good coach one should also have business skills.

Becoming a businessperson also means doing away with the habit of monthly salary. However this gave me quite a bit of flexibility which I could not think of earlier. It helped me to visit Indian and get into some Children’s charity. We were able to train social workers and teacher and conducted workshops for 500 young people which included prisoners. It helped them to find out how their minds work and also know more about their behaviors which could damage them or help them. It was a good experience. This was not possible when I was working because it needed approval from my company, take holiday which is no longer needed.

Advice For Anybody Wanting To Become A Coach

My advice for budding coaches is to get professional training and also get certification. Nowadays organizations hire only those who have certifications from reputed institutes. I also would believe in taking one step. I have come across people who are able to integrate coaching skills with their current roles. It is about coaching people within the ambit of an organization.

Advice To Younger People

I would advise younger people to trust themselves and not to believe that things should be done only in the conventional way. I now feel that I am going a job which never existed when I first got started and I was naive that I did not know about it. The world has changed and therefore as youngsters you need not take the beaten track anymore.


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