Are Breast Implants Causing Cancer?

A recently published report by Breast Implants Perth indicates that a certain type of breast cancer that is caused by breast implants has been on the rise.

Why Is Monogamy Not Respected by Everyone

Originally published on Relationship Counselling Perth Not everyone respects monogamy. Though adultery is also not something that everyone likes getting involved in, it somehow does happen.

When an Indigenous person commits suicide, we should all cry

When Indigenous suicide happens we should cry and at the same time try to stop other suicide cases from happening in future. In the last few years there have been many articles written about...

800,000 children suffering mental health problems

More than 800,000 children are experiencing mental health problems, the main authority gauge of the countries defenseless minors uncovers. The report by the Childrens Commissioner for England likewise found that 580,000 young people - comparable...

What to do with fresh asparagus this season

Yes, finally the much-awaited asparagus season is back. Though these bright green veggies are available almost throughout the year, it does not taste as good as it does now. Right after they are picked...

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